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Welcome to Eisbär USA!

Eisbär USA, is the exclusive distributor of the Eisbär line of ski hats and clothing from Austria now made available to the US marketplace.

Eisbär has been designing and producing the finest quality ski hats and sweaters for the Austrian Ski Team for over 50 years.

At their beautiful factory in western Austria on the beautiful Danube River , skilled craftsmen use only the finest quality yarns and knits from the world over to produce a product unsurpassed in quality, design and function.

Ever gone into your fathers or grandmothers closet and see a ski hat that they have worn for 20, 30 maybe even 40 years? This is the quality hat that is Eisbär, one that lives on for years of snow sports enjoyment.

At Eisbär USA, we are dedicated to getting you set up to represent our company in your ski shop, resort, boutique or where ever fine quality clothing is merchandised and sold.

Ski teams, clubs, and resorts in need of a custom designed hat? Contact us or your local Eisbar representative for details on how we can produce a hat for your group that says, "YOU"!

Trend setting headwear is still a vital part of the on the slope, off the slope, to the slope statement setting attire..... Eisbär sets the trend!

Eisbär USA focuses on "Skipool" hats with the legendary "S" on the front of the hat, which signifies "Skipool" or used by the Austrian Ski Team.

Contact us for any of the hats that you may see in our, Products listing these are all of the styles for the current season. Or can also check out the PDF catalog, these styles will be available for the balance of the current season or until supplies are exhausted.

So just don't have another hat on your head, in your shop, or with your team, make a statement with Eisbär.

Official Supplier of the Austrian Ski Team